Monday, May 16, 2005


The best thing about doing my own "blog" is I can say things that I really feel, like the following: DAN PATRICK IS AN ASS-CLOWN!! IMAGINE WHAT PRIMETIME COULD DO IF THIS ARROGANT DONKEY WASN'T OUR LEAD IN SHOW, when he is actually there? If I hear one more show from this guy breaking down the battle between Schilling/Damon/Timlin for the Red Sox closer role, I will lose my fricking mind! He is on from Noon-3PM for you Red Sox and Yankee fans. ESPN Radio ( does it right earlier in the day with the former local icon Colin Cowherd from 6-9AM.


I'm the good lookin' dude on the far right. I carry these two other hacks on my back each weekday from 3-7 PM. Thank you and goodbye.


Isaac Ropp and Gavin Dawson. Why are they here? Not sure, I think they came with the blog and I can't get rid of their picture. But these guys are the BEST update guys in the business, and should be somewhere else making a lot more money, but until then, they give you the latest sports news every 20 minutes each weekeday. And tune in Saturday mornings at 10:00 AM for LIVE AND LOCAL coverage weekends on 1080 The Fan! Also, check out Isaac's Baseball Today show weeknights following Mariners Baseball and Gavin hosts our Fan Insider Show M-F nights following Blazer games.