Thursday, December 01, 2005

Why Oregon and Ruben is a no-win situation.

I have a couple of quick thoughts to share before the show today...

BCS Talk continues: Why is Notre Dame so important to the BCS? Maybe because they don't go on a regular basis. The Irish have only played in one BCS Bowl since the series was put in place in 1998. Remember the game? OSU 41, Notre Dame 9. That year, by the way, was one of only two years in the seven there have been BCS games that the Pac-10 has had two teams play in BCS Bowl games. The other year was 2002 when WSU lost in the Rose Bowl to Oklahoma and USC hammered Iowa in the Orange Bowl 38-17. So why does Oregon belong in a BCS game? We will take e-mails ( and phone calls on that very subject today.

Ruben-What to do? Good question. This is a bad situation that will never be resolved to the point where both sides are content, unless Nash waves a magic wand and makes a trade that brings back equal value as a player. Bottom line-when he is playing, and happy, Ruben Patterson makes Portland better. When he isn't happy, and when he is out of the lineup, they are not as good as a team, and he can be very, very disruptive to a locker room. Blazer fans, one question: What do you want the team to do with Patterson? If they work out an agreement to release him, with Ruben waiving some money of the remaining 13 million, the Blazers still have his contract working against them on the cap. And remember, they are within a couple of million of the luxury tax threshold, something that Paul Allen has said he doesn't want to pay unless they are a playoff team. If they keep him, inactive, it could turn into the NBA's version of TO, except Ruben, despite what he thinks of himself, is not an impact player like Owens is in the NFL. But is cutting Patterson, despite the financial implications, something you as fans want to see happen? Or do you want a guy who has worked hard to improve his image, and a guy who does bring it every night on the floor, to stay here in Portland? Addition by subtraction (i.e. Sheed) or work through the issues (i.e. Damon).


At 3:37 PM, Blogger BuddyJay said...

It's not all on Ruben, although he can't stay out of his own way.

I BLAME MANAGEMENT! No secret that management does not like Ruben Patterson for whatever reason. Last year he was the best player on the team, and it took a defiant Cheeks to even get him off the bench at the beginning of the year. So why not start or play Ruben consistent minutes to start this season to increase his trade value? The rookies could work on their game in practice, and wait till mid season to get playing time. This way, Ruben is happy and his energy and defensive skills are on display for other NBA teams to notice and desire. Nash didn't know Ruben would be disgruntled with small minutes? By ignoring the problem and repeating mistakes Nash has ruined another player's trade potential. Take Travis Outlaw for example. In the off season he had huge trade potential. Other GMs thought he would be the break out player of the year. Then he starts the year on the inactive list .. huh. You know you have a log jam at that position and you might know something other teams don't about Outlaw (IE Rotten Brains); did you keep him to drive his value down?

Again, what wasn't known to Nash that he couldn't predict this situation. Seems like he isn't paying attention or he is too bull headed to admit mistakes and correct the situation. And as long as the Blazers reward lazy players and bench the guys that give it their all, they are not going to win.

Love the comments about the Blazers and playoffs in a season or two. People, D Miles and Z Randolph are not capable of winning a playoff series. They do not have the necessary desire and skill sets to deal with the adversity and increased pressure of the playoffs. You are stuck with these guys for years. Thank Nash.

And, to Canzano and Blazer fans who ripped me for not thinking D Miles was going to have a great season after the first week. I will wait till mid season for the "told ya so." Remember, his problem is consistency and the first week of the season is not enough time to make any assumptions regarding Miles. The truth falls in between that first week and the recent game against Cheeks and the Sixers where he was MIA.

At 11:05 AM, Anonymous marteth said...

Excellent points about the Ruben Patterson situation. Yes, Blazer management put themselves in this position. However, in the naïve back of my mind I can't help but think this. Didn't Ruben sign a contract for a lot of money to play basketball for the Portland Trailblazers? That is a contract to play for the team, not coach the team. Coach says go in, you go in. Coach says come out, you come out. This contract does not state that he will play a minimum of 25 minutes per game. It does not state that he will be part of the starting five. Ruben, be a man of your word and honor your contract.

Lets say that my boss calls me tomorrow and says that he wants me to work on a particular project. I respond with saying "um, no, I'm not going to do that unless I only get the projects that require me to travel to places that have an annual rainfall of under five inches." "As a matter of fact, if I'm not assigned those projects, I'm not going to do anything and you're going to pay me my regular salary." I'm pretty sure the response would include something about not bothering to even submit my resignation.

I realize that the NBA is a complex business. But I'll tell you from my point of view, don't worry about the dress code to change the image of the NBA, worry about the likes of Ruben Patterson.


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