Saturday, December 03, 2005

Weekend Bender, courtesy of Bret Boone...And Bill Moos on PT Yesterday...

E-Mail of the week from 1080 The Fan listener Kirk Miller.....
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Blow outs have been the norm at the Fiesta Bowl this decade.. just ask NotreDame how their Beaver game went : I'm not myopic about the Ducks chances or Notre Dame's lack of. But haven't we been here before? This wouldn't be the first time the Irish backed into a big bowl, only to get blown out. All I'm saying is that in the churn of the Fiesta Bowl committee's decision making about which team(s)to bring, a competitive game is certainly a factor. Ian, nice job with your spirited defense of the Pac. You're carrying the load, but it needs to be done if it's ever going to change. One more thing Suke (and others) marginalize ASU's close loss to LSU by stating that,"there not the same team as they were earlier in the year". That is true, but begs the point- the fact that other Pac-10 teams are responsible forASU's demise only strengthens the conference's case. They handled themselves well against their non-conference opponents (including a decent Northwestern). But the fact they only rise to 5th speaks volumes about the depth found in the conference. As long as a mid-conference team like ASU is laying 500+ yards on the best team in the SEC, only to get relegated to second-class citizen by other, more worthy Pac-10 teams, this conference deserves respect.

Bill Moos Recap
In the event you missed it, Oregon AD Bill Moos was our guest yesterday during the show, and he stated the case he has made to the Fiesta Bowl officials, which included an added twist. He pointed out the reasons Penn State should get the Fiesta Bowl's first invite, the first overall tomorrow. If that happens, Oregon would be in the Fiesta and BCS because Notre Dame would get picked up quickly by the Orange Bowl, and when the Fiesta Bowl makes it's second pick, they would not go with a rematch of PSU and Ohio State. The fact that Moos is not only selling his team, but Penn State too is a reminder why he is one of the most respected ADs in the country. Lets see if it works tomorrow. Moos also pointed out that Tennessee and Oregon have agreed on a home and home in football for 2010 and 2011.

Boone goes on a Bender
Former All-Star second baseman Bret Boone might have worn out his welcome at Wynn Las Vegas, according to the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL.
According to the newspaper, Boone rolled his golf cart Monday while playing on the Wynn's $500-a-round high-roller golf course. Later, he created a scene in the bar at the Wynn's Country Club Grill.
Security was called when Boone, 36, got testy with Wynn staffers after they asked him to remove his feet from the bar in an area where patrons were dining.
"Make me!" replied Boone, among other choice words. When Boone fell off his bar stool and hit the floor, friends removed him from the bar before security arrived.
Once the most prolific second baseman in the game, the three-time All-Star had big seasons at Seattle before a disastrous 2005. He hit .170 in 14 games with the Minnesota Twins.
He showed up at the General Managers' meeting last month with his hair dyed platinum, hoping to catch some attention.

Help for OLN?
....Sports Business News ( the NFL is talking to the networks about an eight-game package that would air during the second half of the season on Thursdays and Saturdays, beginning in 2006. The league has no shortage of suitors, including Comcast-owned Outdoor Life Network. Already airing NHL games, OLN is looking to become a major player as a sports network.
This is something OLN AND the NHL need in a big way. I am a hockey fan, bigger than most, and the only hockey I watch is via the NHL Center Ice package. I couldn't tell you when the OLN games even air or if they are still on. OLN needs something to help it get noticed, but the NHL isn't that something. The only thing harder to find than OLN is ESPN U.

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