Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tuesday December 13th

TOMORROW- FOOD DRIVE AT LAKE OSWEGO GI JOES: We are asking our listeners to stop by, bring a small donation (three or more items) for the Oregon Food Bank, and you can be entered to win our grand prize in the 10 Days of Christmas (www.1080thefan.com). The prize includes a Tivo for Dad with three months of service included, Salon Nyla treatment for mom, Playstation2 for the kids, and a luxury suite for a Blazers game. Last year we overflowed two big Oregon Food Bank bins. We want to double that this year. To make it even better, the Blazers and WinterHawks have donated tickets to giveaway, and Blaze will be there from 5-6 to meet the kids.

Is ESPN Evil? Or is it really trying to take over the world?
Good question, one that many ask. Unlike some, I think ESPN has been the best thing to ever happen for the sports fan. But....sometimes they do go too far. This will drve my co-host, the president of both the Joel Pryzbilla fan club and the "I hate Stuart Scott Fan Club" totally crazy.

In regards to one of the things I asked yesterday, and something we will talk about today, are the Seahawks also "Portland's NFL team?"
You can vote online at www.1080thefan.com
But check out these television numbers: The New York Giants drew between a 16.5 and 19.2 rating for their last three games in New York. The Seahawks had just over a 16 rating for their Monday Night Football game with Philadelphia. The Hawks games against both Arizona and San Francisco, both horrible teams, received almost 10 ratings here in Portland. Those are very, very good numbers. So the television viewer says the Hawks, much like the Mariners, could indeed be Portland's team.

Fortson is right.....Crazy, but right!
You may have seen or heard some of these comments from the Sonics center, but here is a little taste again:
"There are a lot of old referees that they should probably re-evaluate," he said. "Everyone sees the same thing that I see. I'm not as crazy as everyone makes me out to be. Clearly, things are set against me, as simple as that. It's hard to come out here and play every day and you've got some old man that's bitter about something who wants to take it out on you. I don't know if he had a bad day during the day, whatever it is, they're just all bitter."
Nate McMillan has said on multiple occasions this year that his young team gets no respect from the officials. This is a league that at one time was rocked by a scandal involving many of it's top referees who were charged with, and some convicted of, tax evasion. One thing that jumped out there is most of those guys, many who are still working, were not fired. Fortson is correct in his criticism, although he too is bitter, but with cause. There are too many old, short, undersized, bitter guys blowing the whistle. Nate has complained, Zach Randolph in his hown pouting, piss-poor body language complains every night too.

Comments from Monday: Some good ones-let me respond to Chris who wrote- quoting the blog...."Well, one thing has been established: You don’t do it with so-called "good guys."These good guys that you started to bring aboard on December 3rd 2003 when you traded Bonzi Wells are putting less than 10,000 butts in the seats every night.<

I think Chris missed my point, or I didn't express it in a way that cam across to him correctly. My point is not "good guys" can't win, they can. But here in Portland, during the last two years of the Bonzi/Sheed era we took a ton of phone calls from fans who said they would support a team with good guys who didn't win more than the team that did win but was full of jerks. Well, the verdict is in. More people went to watch the "Bad Blazers" who were winning 49-50 games a year than are willing to watch a better group of human beings that doesn't win.


At 12:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bring back Whitsitt!! I said it during the beginning of his tenure up through the end, he was always trying to win. I don't think the same can be said of Patterson and Nash. They started off with the worthless pledge to the fans followed by letting all of their expiring contracts leave for nothing and then the braintrust decides to default on the loan for the Rose Garden.

How does a team that is putting an inferior product on the floor think that loosing the revenue from all non-Blazer events along with luxury boxes and courtside seats for their own games make sense? I know that they were paying more than the market rate, but we are talking about a person who is one of the richest men in the world. Some day this decision will effect this team more than any trade or lack thereof will.

Any team that listens to the whims of their fans is making a terrible decision and the "good guy" team is proving to be a disaster. Give me a team full of crack smokers and convicts, as long as they win 50+ games and make the playoffs interesting I will pay attention.

Good show, the two man booth is much better than the three. Thank God for promotions.

John in NW

At 8:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

RE: In regards to officiating.

The NBA has reached an all time low when it comes to officiating. All-Stars get the benefit of calls that shouldn't be in doubt and younger players are getting the wrong message about how to play the game (i.e. it's not how well you play it's how well you don't get caught). I hate the way the League is going and I will no longer consider myself a fan of Basketball...these effing a-holes have ruined the sport and turned into a show!! And who's to blame? Well, let's start with the show...that is the Laker show...IF I had a dollar for everytime that Kobe barked for a foul when he wasn't even touched...well then I'd be able to rape a girl at a swank Colorado resort and spa!! Who else...well just about everyone of the so-called all stars like T-Mac, AI, Ray, AK-47, Stevie Franchise, KG, Pierce, Manu (don't even get me started on the SOB!!) and of course Shaq (c'mon seriously people!! how often does Shaq foul people the way he claims people foul him...like all the effing time!!!) the list could go on and on, but I digress.
Can you please devote a segment of your show on getting listener response to how they feel the status of officiating in league affects their enjoyment of the greatest game on the planet. I know that I won't be watching, attending, or listening to any other NBA games anytime soon, but I want to know if others feel this way as well? Because, seriously, if this shit continues I'll have to wait until March to watch basketball.


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