Friday, November 18, 2005

Weekend Edition-Blazers, E-Mails and more...

My apologies about the lack of updates on the blog. Lots of excuses, none of which you care about if you are reading-so it will get better, OR ELSE! The one thing that would help is if I make the big laptop investment so when we are on the road, which is a lot lately, I can get it updated, but like I said, you don't care so lets move on.

Rivlary thoughts below but first, Blazers and exclusive thoughts from Nate
I was witness to a couple of very different games this week. Wednesday, well played, well executed, and A WIN. Friday, just pathetic. 24 turnovers, which in the NBA means about 25% fewer scoring chances than the opposition during the course of the game. 24 turnovers against a pretty good Golden State team at home will result in a double digit loss-if they do that on this upcoming road trip against some of the top teams (Miami, San Antonio) then you could see some record-setting losses.
Some things you won't read ANYWHERE ELSE because I spoke to Nate after the beat writers left:
1) I asked him who is best perimeter defender is and he said Jarrett Jack, at least among his guards. He said he isn't sure what he will do with that issue of lack of defense at the point of the attack, but he may have to keep using Ruben back at the two in addition to being his backup power forward.
2) Suke asked him if Darius is hurting the team because he appears to be hurt and Nate said no, that Darius and the team's medical staff insist he is fine, so he has to believe that he is.
3) He also told the two of us that he was real disappointed with the team's lack of response to Ruben diving after a ball, getting shaken up, and yet nobody responded. He said if he was still playing, he would have run over and helped him up, and "it sure would have got me to wake up and start playing harder if I was a player." But it didn't and he said that was a huge disappointment.

Stay tuned because it is going to be "that kind of season" where one day people are talking playoff contender, and the next it looks like a CBA team going through the motions.

Rivalry Week-Civil War and E-mails
I thought it might be fun to see some of the better e-mails I received the last couple of days before the games are played.

So here we go:

From Dean: Brett Elliott is better than Ryan Gunderson. Go Ducks!

From Jim Olsen: Oregon is the most over-rated team in NCAA history... They are a legitimate top 25 team, probably 22nd.
No one could honestly believe that they would be favored at home (let alone win) against any of the nine teams in front of them. Worse yet, they might be 2-8 (at best) against the 10 teams behind them. They did prove that they could beat Fresno St at home by a field goal (That’s when they had Kellen at QB). The ducks are an average team with a cream puff schedule. Put UCLA on their schedule and play CAL on the road and they wouldn’t be in the top 25.

From Andy: Hey, happy friday to ya.....I think the Huskies will make it two straight tomorrow in a tough fought TOILET CUP, er Apple Cup!!! I think though in the near future this game will have some more meaning to it, as far as bowls.....I still think the Apple Cup is waaayyy better of a rivalry than the Civil War, any day!....You stop and think about got all the yuppies and spoiled rich kids at the U, and east of the Cascades you got the Farm boys so to speak in the Palouse......Later, Andy

Scott V. writes about the rivalry: I think the rivalry is bigger for the fans than the players. Besides the fact that most of the players are from out of state, the athletes usually look at these games pretty much the same as any other game. As a former athlete at Oregon, I enjoyed the competition with OSU and still have good friendships with several of the athletes I competed against.
As a fan, however, I've never been treated as poorly as I was in Corvallis last year. I was spit on and someone dumped a coke on me as I was leaving the game. As a result, I have no use for OSU fans and probably never will.

I am heading to Eugene so tune in Monday and we will have some things to talk about, one way or another.

Thank you and goodbye.


At 1:04 AM, Blogger BuddyJay said...

I got up and yelled in excitement for my favorite player Patterson when he dove. He is the antithesis of D Miles; hustle, grit, and effort versus talent and neutrality.

From Nates comments it seems I was right and D Miles, milking a limp for the sake of sympathy and excuses.


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