Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Wednesday November 23, 2005

I heard a lot of feedback regarding the conversations we had yesterday, and my opinion that the NHL or MLB will be here within a few years. Common thoughts were:
"We hate hockey, why hockey?" or "We suck as a sports town and would never support baseball."
Well, some may hate hockey, and some may doubt the ability to support a second major league sport. But here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

1) As John Hunt pointed out in the Oregonian today, not many towns in this country watch baseball as much as Portland, as was proven in the World Series this year. On top of that, the television and radio numbers for the Mariners are always good. In fact, even with the horrible season they had this year, the numbers were up on the radio compared to one year ago.
2) The team that does come here, whether it be hockey or baseball, will have revenue streams not available in it's current situation. If it is baseball, the stadium will provide those. If it is hockey, the only way a team comes is if the luxury suite and premium seating revenue streams that the Blazers gave up with the building are available.

I think it really is a race. The market is too big for one team, and the only question is what sport will it be? My bet is hockey, but we will see.

Three words: Outside of Philly, WHO REALLY CARES? Why does the rest of the country care? Why do I care? Actually, I don't. And he didn't really lose. Not when he collects 1 million dollars for NOT playing.


At 12:29 AM, Blogger BuddyJay said...

Hockey plays it's season in direct competition to basketball. I realize hockey fans are vasting different than NBA fans, but still it doesn't make sense for two sports franchises to compete head to head in this market.

I am starting to come around on the idea of baseball to Portland. Mainly because of the great mass transit options that the city has built. Also, the idea of the Seattle franchise fighting a team to Portland always hung in the background, but it seems with the new frnchise in DC, and the battle lost by the Orioles, the prospect of a Seattle snuff seems less likely.

But one thing Portland has going for it nobody seems to mention in respect to Las Vegas vs Portland and baseball is the weather. YES, Portland weather is significantly better than Las Vegas in the summer. You wanna leave the air conditioned casino to go melt in 115 degree heat at the stadium?


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