Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tuesday's Notes-Primetime 3-7 on 1080 The Fan

All of the bad news and BS that happens out there, how about something good to start the day... Check this out....
Randle El visits policeman: (From Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
Steelers wide receiver Antwaan Randle El met with wounded Indianapolis police officer Michael Antonelli Sunday after the team arrived in town. Antonelli, 25, a Mt. Lebanon native and Steelers fan, lost his right eye when he was shot Nov. 20 trying to arrest a man in Indianapolis.
Randle El, who played at Indiana University, visited Antonelli at his home and told The Indianapolis Star he wanted to show his appreciation to him.
"God spared his life," Randle El told the Star. "[Antonelli and other officers] don't get enough credit."

I had the chance to have Randle El on my show a couple of times when I was covering the University of Utah and the Utes played Indiana, and he was truly one of the most refreshing and interesting interviews I have ever done with an athlete.

Lost in all of the Mo Cheeks vs. The Blazers stuff of tonight's game is the fact there are three other former Blazer coaches on the Philly staff. John Loyer, Bernie Smith and our favorite in The Fan Jim Lynam. Coach Lynam became a grandpa again recently as well courtesy of his famous daughter.
Congrats to Comcast SportsNet's Dei Lynam and husband Tim Riviere, who welcomed their first child, a son, Max Lynam Riviere, yesterday afternoon. He weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces. Max makes grandchild No. 8 for Sixers assistant coach Jim Lynam.

HOW TO PAY FOR A BASEBALL STADIUM: I will have to check with Steve Kanter of the Portland Baseball Group, but this note from Indianapolis got me thinking about how Oregon could come up with more funding for a baseball stadium.
The Colts today begin an online auction of team license plates “to raise nearly $500,000 a year to pay for the construction” of the team’s new stadium. In addition to QB Peyton Manning’s number 18 and 28 other numbers of past and present Colts players, “400 other combinations of numbers and prefixes” will be auctioned, with minimum first bids of $25
My thought, why not have license plates with Portland MLB on them, much like the OSU, UO, WSU and UW plates you see in this area? Those who want baseball can support in their own way. It would be very grass roots, but at least it would continue to help circulate the word.

Messages: from Buddy Jay.....Hockey plays it's season in direct competition to basketball. I realize hockey fans are vasting different than NBA fans, but still it doesn't make sense for two sports franchises to compete head to head in this market.I am starting to come around on the idea of baseball to Portland. Mainly because of the great mass transit options that the city has built. Also, the idea of the Seattle franchise fighting a team to Portland always hung in the background, but it seems with the new frnchise in DC, and the battle lost by the Orioles, the prospect of a Seattle snuff seems less likely. But one thing Portland has going for it nobody seems to mention in respect to Las Vegas vs Portland and baseball is the weather. YES, Portland weather is significantly better than Las Vegas in the summer. You wanna leave the air conditioned casino to go melt in 115 degree heat?
Ian's response: Yes on almost everything you say. One thing to remember though, is competition is good! A good example is how much better most fans claim the service is from the Rose Garden and Global since they took over from Paul Allen's group. Hockey coming here has the built in advantage that there is an arena in place. Stadium financing isn't needed. But hockey has it's issues-horrible t.v. deal with OLN, fourth of the four team sports, etc. I love hockey, baseball as well. One will come, the question is, which one will it be?

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