Friday, October 14, 2005

Weekend Edition

Ok, it is all nice and fine that Charlie Weiss is the greatest coach ever, even though he has only been a head coach for a total of five games. But really, can a Notre Dame team that has lost to USC by 31 points each of the last three years compete with an even better Trojan team in 2005? That is what most of the nation believes. We start there for the Pac-10 picks.

Both of us struggled last week, but overall, not bad with the records this year-
Overall this year: Suke: 31-6
Ian: 31-6

USC at Notre Dame: Everyone is looking for a reason the Irish can win, but for every reason someone brings up, we can find a reason why they won't. For example, USC's pass defense is suspect so Brady Quinn can exploit it. But.... Sam Keller from ASU is pretty good, and he had an Alex Brink type-of day with interceptions against the Trojans. Or... Quinn can scramble and that will cause problems. Ok. So can Kellen Clemens, how did that game turn out.
Suke says USC by 30, I will go with USC in a better game, by 14.

OSU at Cal: I still don't believe in the Beavs, and Cal's defense is very good. Don't let the 47 points they gave up against UCLA fool you, most came via turnovers or special teams. Both of us say Cal wins going away.

UW at Oregon: Aaron Gipsons gonna score, Aaron Gipsons gonna score, Aaron Gipsons gonna score.... you get the point. Stanback may be better than Paus, and when Gipson picks one off and goes the other way it won't be as dramatic, but UW will turn it over, and it WILL rain at Autzen, but Oregon doesn't have a letdown here. We both agree, Oregon big.

UCLA at WSU: Game you can hear on 1080 The Fan at 3:30. I have never been as bitter as a WSU fan as I was last week. You can't lose to Stanford at home. But that is why they are the Cougs. But by the same token, what makes the Cougs different is they suprise you with a big win too. Will it happen tomorrow? It could. Jerome Harrison is the top rusher in the Conference, and UCLA can't stop the run. If Brink doesn't implode again, and Jason Hill plays, they can make it fun, but both Suke and I still pick UCLA.

Stanford at Arizona: As big a fan of the Pac-10 as I am, there couldn't be a bigger dog of a game. Is Arizona really a better team? Is Stanford the team that beat WSU or the one that lost to UC Davis? We will find out. Both of us pick the Cats.


At 3:16 PM, Anonymous jt said...

If you are gonna bag on a head coach; i.e. Charlie Weis, spell his name correct.


At 1:17 PM, Blogger Dan said...

Good or bad, the USC v. Notre Dame game was the best I've seen all year. I was disapointed with the surprise 2nd and 3rd endings, but overall it was compelling football.

Notre Dame played hard and well, but the only time USC seemed to lose confidence was when the clock actually hit 0:00 (the first time). Unlike the teams they play that have a drop in confidence everytime USC has the ball.

So who's going to end this streak?

At 4:35 PM, Anonymous Marteth said...

What was the deal with the length of the grass on Notre Dame's field?

Longest grass I've ever seen for college football. Cheating in my opinion.


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