Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tuesday-Hate the Huskies Week

Like it or not, we are connected deeply with Seattle this week.

1) It is Oregon vs. Washington Football week. Seattle State is at Autzen on Saturday.

2) Nate vs. Seattle-Part 1, is tomorrow at the Rose Garden. There are rumblings that Nate didn't get along with many assistants (he denied that today), and of course it is his first game on the Portland sideline.

Who is starting? That is a big question for tomorrow, and if today's practice is any indication, it will be:
SG-Charles Smith
C-Theo Ratliff
SF-Darius Miles
PF-Zach Randolph

The second unit, at least today, was: Ruben, Prz, Webster, Outlaw and Jack. The third unit was the foreign legion: Monia, Khryapa, and Ha along with Blake, Clancy and Dixon? Yes, at least for today, Juan Dixon was with the third group. What does this mean? Probably nothing. Nate said not to take anything from the jersey colors, but any time you are in a group that includes Ha and Monia, that CAN'T be a good sign.

I did a segment with "my pal" Softy at KJR today... I like his show, even though he is a pain in the ass Husky Honk.


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