Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mt. Ruben Erupts-AGAIN! Primetime at Jo's Saloon from 3-5:30 PM Today

It must be February!
Make sure you take a listen today for Ruben Patterson's latest eruption. You may have read some of the comments, or heard one or two, but we have a treat today. Mt. Patterson in all of it's glory-all of the greatest hits including: "Khryapa and Monia...come on man, their from Russia!" and "what happens if me, Darius or Zach goes down... then who are you going to?" or how about this gem: ".....we will probably win just 20 games again this year" in regards to the young team. Listen today to hear what we usually have to wait until mid-season for, a Ruben verbal explosion.

Question is, does Ruben have a point? Is this season a total disaster before it even starts? Or are these just the "growing pains" we should expect from a young team?

I thought Jason Quick had a great point in today's Oregonian when he wrote out that with a team charging NBA prices for tickets (and I will add for NBA level corporate advertising) there is a level of expecation for the quality on the floor. If last night is any indication, there won't be a true NBA product on the floor this year. Growing pains are one thing, but you have to be competitive. Last night, in a preseason game, they were not competitive and the lack of effort was embarassing, no matter whether the game was pre or regular season.

The final thought I have is that what is lost in all of the Ruben talk, is Nate McMillan also mentioned that the possibility of changes could be needed. When the head coach, who has been preaching patience says they need to possibly make changes before the season even begins, there IS an issue with the makeup of the roster. We will hear that sound clip this afternoon too.

Bottom line is the same main problem exists with the 05-06 Blazers: PERIMETER OFFENSE.

Crazy story of the day:
The beauty of hazing in sports continues. Check out this gem from north of the border.


At 3:02 PM, Anonymous Travis "Buffalo" Baseden said...

From Travis Baseden

No he does not have a point, why is there a focus on the fact that these guys are not ready? of course they are not ready. look at the Clippers, they are better at every position then the Blazers.

1)Cassell v. Telfair not even close at this point.

2)Mobley v. M. Webster, again not even close

3)Miles v. Magettee (sp)Who would you take, a guy who is aggresive going to the whole and in top physical condition, or Darius Miles?

4)Brand v. ZBO, when ZBO is healthy this is a push. As of right now not even close.

5)Kaman v. Theo, for all of you who do/did not know who Kaman is you soon will, he is a superior player to Theo in every area, but one shot blocking. And when Theo isn't 100%, which for reasons outside his control, he rarely is he doesn't even hold that advantage.

Everyone need to get off the Blazer hater bandwagon pointing out everything that is wrong with this team, from ZBO getting thrown out to listening to Ruebens ranting. This team is just in it's infancy. If anyone needs to be traded it is the Blazer "fans" who didn't seem to have a problem with charachter until we started loosing ball games. Let these guys grow as a team, let Nate rub off on these young guys including Zach. these are kids we are talking about. 22, 23, 24. The culture in this city has gone so far from what it was, take a look in the miror Blazer "fan" at yourself. Do you have an attitude problem? Do you turn your back on the Team when things go bad? We need a total change of the culture the "bad seeds" on the court are gone, now we just to get rid of the bad seeds in the stands.

At 5:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I get tired of

At 5:22 PM, Blogger Jay said...

It is difficult for me to take Patterson serious. I mean this is a 6'6" guy who hustles but has limited skills. He gets his shot blocked a few times a game as he tries to muscle his way to the hole. I would trade him ASAP. He is a cancer on that tream. Can you say OVERRATED? I thought you could.

At 8:29 AM, Anonymous Mike Feeny said...

What was Patterson expecting? These guys are kids and they need experience. It doesn't matter if the Blazers win 20 games this year, that may be realistic. What's important is that the fans support these young players as they progress, win or lose. I like Ruben's hustle on the floor but he's a coupla' cards short of a full deck if he thinks this team is going to win right away.

At 12:31 PM, Blogger BuddyJay said...

OK, I can appreciate sticking up for the franchise, but guys ... these comments are a little ridiculous. Management has done a horrible job in the past year. No NBA team has been successful with a crash course for young guys.

Oh, and please to the guy who took the time to break down the Clippers versus the Blazers at this point ... Dude you just showed how much better the CLIPPERS are versus the BLAZERS. That is ok with you?

What this crash course in losing could do is ruin the confidence of the young guys. It could also get them and you used to losing, which it sounds olike the "Buffalo" doesn't mind too much. We have all seen the tried and true NBA method of championship building, and it involves inserting younger players into roles and getting solid playoff experience. It involves mentally tough players and a firm committment from management.

Oh yah, don't dis Ruben, he gives 100% every night, and would be a great role player on a championship team. He is the only puzzle piece this team has right now.

At 12:43 PM, Blogger Michael Namba said...

Gotta agree with buddy about Ruben, though I wish he didn't talk as hard as he plays. He is the only true piece that this team has, and if this is what management has decided is the best course for this team, then we are going to have to take it win or lose.


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