Monday, October 24, 2005

MNF at the Hot Seat

Join us out at the Hot Seat tonight for Monday Night Football and a number of things to discuss, including:

Kellen Clemens Injury: Oregon Sports Network play by play man Joe Giansante, who called Saturday's game on a tape delay basis, will join us at 4:00 for The Pac-10 Today segment. Kellen is out for the year, and the depth at the QB position, especially with Dixon showing he has a knack for getting banged up, is to me more of a concern than anything else. Right now it is Dennis Dixon, Brady Leaf, and then Kyle Bennett a true freshman from David Douglas High School who I believe is a non-scholarship walk-on. The Ducks were warming up Garren Strong Saturday, but despite the fact he played "some" quarterback in high school, he must not have played a ton at that position since he 33 catches in his last 13 high school games. The season isn't over though, not with the number of skill players the Ducks have and the remaining schedule of home vs. Cal, @WSU, and the Civil War. The Holiday Bowl and some pressure on the BCS to get into a bigger game are still realistic.

DID USC LOSE??!! The BCS is interesting, to say the least. Sean Salisbury will join us today to talk about how is Trojans, the winners of 29 in a row, are now #2 in the BCS. He was at the Texas-Texas Tech game as well. So USC has beaten BCS #11 in Oregon, BCS #15, and drops to #2. The biggest complaint has to come with the Colley Computer poll which had the Trojans 35 in the country.

OSU Thumped: What happened to the Beavs? Drew Olson looked like a Heisman candidate with six TD tosses, Maurice Jones-Drew looked a lot like Maurice Drew, and UCLA had it's most impressive win since Oklahoma.

Much more live from 3-6 at The Hot Seat.


At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Marteth said...

Ian, You didn't mention your Cougs. That was really a challenge to pick up that loss, but they came thru with the plays at the end to get it done. Up by 10 with under 6:00 to go and you have the ball. Amazing.

At 7:31 PM, Blogger BuddyJay said...

That's mean.

I would like to hear the opinion of Ian "the alumni" on the coaching versus Ian "sportscaster".

Seems Doba might be getting off a little easy because of his accessability. I think a couple of the Coug losses and this dissapointing season falls squarely on the coach's shoulders.

At a school like WSU, it could only take one season like this to spiral into a decade long funk.

Bottom line, nice guy out. Insert Erickson type before they get too deep into the slide.

At 8:32 AM, Anonymous Marteth said...


I totally agree that it would be interesting to hear Ian's off the air comments about some of Doba's calls. Why would they call a fake punt at that point in the Cal game? And to add to that, it was a pretty bad fake play to begin with.

I'm not even WSU alumni, but as a fan of the Pac 10, I think that Doba isn't the coach to drive this program into the future...


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