Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I know the Blazers begin their preseason tonight, but the thing that is starting to heat up around here has to be college football.

The Top NW Rivalries

1. OSU vs. UO/WSU vs. UW: This is a cop out, but seriously, how DO you say one is better than other. There are ways to argue for one over the other, but both are intense.

2. Oregon vs. Washington: In my mind, this is the unquestioned number two. EVERYONE hates Washington, and used to think nobody more than WSU fans. But.... here in Oregon, there is such a prevailing anti-Seattle sentiment disliking a school that truly is "Seattle State" is very popular. The big reason this rivalry is getting better is because you just never know what to expect. Two and three years ago the better team (Oregon) didn't win the game, and in fact got blown away by below average teams from the 45th Street Trade School. Why do we as Duck, Cougar and Beaver fans hate SSU (Seattle State U.)? Simple, because as much as it pains us, they still find ways to win games such as the Apple Cup and rivalry games with Oregon and OSU that they shouldn't. Plus, for a couple of years it looked like Ernie Kent was making a move with his basketball program then BAM! Romar and SSU flew past them. There are some similarities thought: many Oregon fans are like Washington "fans" in that they never actually went to the school, but since they grew up in Seattle (or Portland) they are Husky (or Duck) fans.

3. Portland/Seattle Hockey: Not as well known as some of the other rivalries in the Northwest, this one has consistently been strong whether it be the Buckaroos vs. Totems or WinterHawks vs. Breakers/Thunderbirds the I-5 hockey rivalry has always been intense.

4. Sonics vs. Blazers: This should be higher but for whatever reason, it seems to have slowed down since the days of Xavier McDaniel vs. Jerome Kersey best two out of three falls. One big reason could be the teams have only played each other in four playoff series, the last coming in 1991. But with Nate in town now, this could be number two very, very soon.

5. Oregon vs. Washington State Football: This made the list since The Mustache mentioned it the other day in the PAC-10 conference call. One big reason is the Ducks and Cougs seemed to mirror each other in terms of when the programs began to improve.

Close, but no...... Linfield vs. PLU Football (hasn't been the same since Frosty left), OSU vs. WSU Football, OSU vs. UW Football (because UW doesn't recognize OSU as anything more than that "other agriculture schoool") and Gonzaga vs. UW Basketball (because this is Portland not Spokane or Seattle).

Do you miss the Yankees and Red Sox? According to the t.v. ratings, the answer is YES! This from The Sports Business Daily: Fox earned an 8.9/13 overnight Nielsen rating for Game One of the Angels-White Sox ALCS last night, down 25.8% from a 12.0/18 for the comparable Red Sox-Yankees ALCS Game One last season.
I would take it one step further. I also miss the Cubs! The Cardinals and Astros do NOTHING for me, just one man's opinion. Probably because we live in a market where the American League is on the radio and t.v.

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As Suke would say: How about them Mets...


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