Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dawgs v. Ducks TV War, Blazers and More!

Blazers thoughts from last night are below.... but the first thing I need to address is the lack of television coverage for this Saturday's game in Eugene. I have received numerous
e-mails from Husky fans and Duck fans who point their collective fingers at the other school to find blame why the game isn't televised. Many of the Husky fans pointed out the article in The Seattle Times today which says the following:

From the Seattle Times:
.....(UW AD Todd) Turner said the Huskies would have received roughly $100,000 had Oregon agreed to switch the time of Saturday's game to 7 p.m. so it could be telecast live in the states of Oregon and Washington on FSN.
But he also said he had little argument with Oregon's decision not to change the time.
"I thought we had it worked out, but they just changed their mind and said no," Turner said. "They said they'd moved too many games recently for their fans and they want to keep it at a time when fans can drive home at a reasonable hour. I respect that."
The schools did work out a deal to have the game shown on a same-day delay at 7 p.m. on FSN

The OTHER side of the story: Is from Oregon. I contacted both the Oregon Athletic Department and the Oregon Sports Network. Below are taken directly from e-mails I received back from the two people. Read the above from the Times again, and then the two below, and you decide who is to blame:

From an Oregon Athletic Department Official:
but it came down more to the TV issue of where FSN's feed would be transmitted to (state of Washington only vs. Washington & Oregon).

From an Oregon Sports Network Official:
So.. the game would have to be moved to 7pm for it to be televised.. that was the first hurdle.. which we crossed.. Then.. Washington said they would not agree to the time change.. unless FSN was allowed to televise the game as well. OSN said o.k. to that (given that OSN is the one who pay the rights fee) if they would just go ahead and black it out in the state of Oregon and televise it back to Washington. Even though they have the capability to do that, and have before, FSN said they were not willing to do that. So.. for it to be on TV, OSN would have had to pay the total rights fee, FSN would pay nothing, Washington was asking Oregon to compensate for the additional travel costs, and FSN wouldn't black out the Oregon market.
This all would have worked if FSN would have just agreed to black out to the state of Oregon and allow the OSN telecast, as contracted, be exclusive in the state. Even so.. that would have been an excellent deal for FSN because they wouldn't have had to pay any rights fees. They, of course, are denying everything and blaming it on Oregon's hall of fame induction and that Oregon didn't want to inconvenience fans, however that is not the case..

So who do you believe? I am thinking the real blame here goes to FSN-NW, with a little spread to Washington for not forcing the issue. By all indications, FSN wanted to be able to televise the game, without any blackout restrictions, and without any financial responsibility (i.e. rights fees). FSN needs to realize it is losing viewers in Oregon and SW Washington every day because of a perceived bias toward Seattle and a lack of coverage for Portland and Oregon teams. The irony is that FSN doesn't normally appear to care at all about Oregon, yet they are unwilling to black a game out in the state. So is Oregon actually important to FSN-NW or not? FSN is a partner for the University of Washington, the Oregon Sports Network is a partner for the University of Oregon. One other added twist is OSN is part of ESPN as a member of the ESPN Plus network, so it may be too much to ask the competing sports networks to get along and play nice. The real losers are the fans for both Oregon and the UW.

Game One of the Nate McMillan Era: general thoughts....

  • it was very important to Portland that they win the game, which was not the case for Seattle. Allen, Ridnour, Evans and Lewis didn't play in the second half while the Blazers had their top guys in.
  • But Allen and Rid were in the game at the end of the second quarter, and it was a one point game, so good for the young guys.
  • Nate went with a two point guard lineup in the fourth to help take care of the ball during a night when they had 19 turnovers. Jack looks like he could play the two guard position, especially defensively.
  • Seattle didn't score in the final 2:15 on a Blazer lineup that included: Telfair, Jack, Webster, Przy and Z-bo. NOTHING screams defense like Z-Bo and Webster!
  • Z-Bo was great offensively, unless you realize he was never able to fit into the new system which includes the big guys setting multiple screens in a motion offense. But he still proved to be a great rebounder and a natural scorer. They don't go 5-22 at the end of the year if he was in the lineup.
  • Nate said conditioning, especially with Z-Bo was a big factor.

Baseball Thoughts: Simple---Umpire Doug Eddings missed the call, it was his fault, with the secondary blame on the other five umpires who were out there.


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