Monday, October 10, 2005

"Damn we're good" "Coug'd it part Deux" and "I told you the Ducks were good" Edition

Wow, what a weekend! College football, a referee gets hit by a NFL player yet the player doesn't get kicked out, Tiger beats JD in a playoff, and if you have six hours I will give you a classic baseball game.

We are on from 3-5:10 PM today at the historic Kingston Bar and Grill across from PGE Park. Come on by, courtesy of Miller Light, and enjoy the deciding Game 5 of the ALDS and the Chargers and Steelers.

Pac-10 Picks Recap: Suke and I both struggled. Suke going 1-3 missing Stanford's win, UCLA's win and Oregon's win. I didn't do much better going 2-2, missing Stanford and Oregon, getting UCLA over Cal.
Overall this year:
Suke: 31-6
Ian: 31-6

Thanks for the e-mails, but really, how dumb am I? First, rhetorical question. Yes, the damn Cougs have killed me the last two weeks. But out of the 41 voters up and down the West Coast, and some of the national broadcasters and writers who cover college football, I was one of the few who actually voted Oregon #2 in the Conference. They have a long way to go, but the win over ASU will go a long way, especially without UCLA on the schedule. And..... here is what I wrote on Friday regarding the Ducks and Sun Devils: This has to be such a scary game for the Sun Devils. Dirk Koetter's team has had big expectations for this season, they have a potent offense and should be able to outscore most teams. But they find themselves sitting at 3-2, and another Conference loss and it is secondary bowl city. Oregon has been criticized and critiqued more than most teams in the Pac-10, but low and behold, they are still 4-1. ASU is horrible against the run (189 yards a game) and not much better against the pass. Oregon is decent (#4 in the conference) against the run, and 8th in pass defense. Look for Clemens and Keller to both be looking deep all night, and see who hits more home runs. I like the fact that The Mustache has been planning for this game by getting four tailbacks ready to play, and that may be the difference. If the Quackers can run and kill some clock, they have a chance.Suke says ASU. I agree, but with the disclaimer that I BELIEVE Oregon can and might win, although if pressed, my pick is still ASU.
I put that in above to prove a point that despite my tendency to pick the Cougs, there are times when all of the reading and prep work in getting ready for our daily Pac-10 Today segment, and the hours spent talking to coaches via the conference calls, do pay off with a little additional knowledge. I am not always right, but contrary to Beaver fan's belief, I am not always wrong either. Hell, if I was really good at picking games, I would quit right now and spend all of my time betting on games.

Battle of LA: It is looking more and more like December 3rd may go a long way to determine the national champion. UCLA plays ASU on November 12th, and other than that game, the December 3rd matchup against USC is all that realistically stands in Karl Dorrell's way of going unbeaten.

Numbers? Cal's defense was ranked #1 in the Pac-10 and also was #1 in scoring defense and points allowed. But UCLA dropped 47 on them. Tedford's team didn't pass it's first big test of the year.

How about them Hawks? Be honest, who thought the Seahawks could go to St. Louis and win, ever? Especially when they were without their top two receivers. Then they lost a starting cornerback early in the game and then stud safety Michael Boulware was carried off on a stretcher. The Seahawks win and now even without Jackson and Engram they have the #1 offense in the NFL.

MLB Playoffs: Like many, I hate the Yankees. But I like a deciding game (3, 5 or 7) better, so in a sick and perverted way I was actually rooting for the team from the center of the known universe last night. Now that damn rally monkey can step up and the team with two home cities can really make a long cross country flight miserable for Torre and the guys from New York. But the thing that seperates baseball and hockey from other sports, is in a deciding game, ONE PLAY, early or late, can decide a season.
And really, nobody cares about the National League, but the Astros and The Rocket were incredible yesterday. There was major desperation, and a two out home run to tie, and a walk off after five hours and 50 minutes are you kidding me? A 162 game season is too long and full of zero real drama, but the MLB playoffs give us a "Wow" factor every year.

E-mail of the day: By no means am I encouraging these e-mails, and usually when it is in the style of Jim Rome it makes me want to puke, but this classic came in yesterday:

I don't think Wazzu can play with us.


Sad thing is he is right!

Stop by the Kingston tonight.

Thank you and goodbye,


At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Darn 'bout them Hawks!

Of course, I mean the Winter Hawks, now 4-1 and in 1st place after a huge come from behind win over Seattle on Saturday.

Forget the Seahawks...


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