Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wednesday September 14th

On late today due to the M's. Some things to discuss during the show this afternoon include:

NHL to Portland-When you ask? In 2007-Check this quote from Pittsburgh Penguins' owner Mario Lemieux today: From the Pittsburgh PG-The Penguins' lease at Mellon Arena expires after the 2006-07 season. If plans for a new arena are not in place by then, ownership figures to offer the franchise to the highest bidder.
"In 2007, we're free to go," Lemieux said. "We're just going to have to do what's best for business."

The entire article is at:
Remember, Dennis Beyak from Maple Leafs broadcasting told us a couple of months ago, prior to the lockout being settled, that the rumors (rumours in Canadian spelling) they were hearing was the Penguins were close to moving here.

The irony of a quote in John Canzano's column today: Big John C. (Friday's 2-3 PM on 1080 The Fan) wrote a column today regarding PSU football.
The ironic part of the column is the following quote: "First you lose attendance, then you lose media coverage because fans aren't showing up, then you lose sponsorships because there isn't media coverage," Steve Weaver said. "It's all a spiral and when one thing goes, it becomes like watching the whole thing go down the toilet."
Is "Dream" Weaver talking about Portland State Football, or "The Race formerly known as the GI Joe's 200" but now is just "that open wheel race" in Portland each June. The irony is if anyone knows about an event going down the toilet it is the folks who run the race. And I bring this up because Dream Weaver is in charge of marketing and public relations for "the Portland race." Dream is a great guy, and knows his stuff when it comes to the key media and corporate people in the market. But don't worry about PSU Football attendance when your event was the lowest rated "major" sports event (vs. golf, MLB, NASCAR, etc.) on television. Division 1-AA football is 1-AA for a reason: attendance. 5,500 per game isn't horrible by 1-AA standards. For a good comparison, see Weber State or Sacramento State. Similar market in Salt Lake City in that there are not two, but three 1-A programs within an hour and a half the purple WSU. PSU drew better than Weber State. Sacramento State is the only game in town, and PSU drew better than the bumble bees too. PSU is what it is, a minor league athletic program at a commuter school in a big city where people have a passion for the Pac-10.

More from the Oregonian: Jason Quick's story on the Blazers' television analyst search today was interesting. My question is this: What the hell are they waiting for? Mike Rice is the ONLY choice of those mentioned. Contrary to popular belief, Snapper wasn't good, he stated the obvious which many said made him outspoken. Rice is able to see the game and give you analysis that most on television and radio don't. He is honest, funny, passionate, and articulate. He is also good friends with Mike Barrett so MB wouldn't have to worry about the condescending comments that made Snapper so intolerable. I worked with Tom Nissalke on many a Utah Jazz pregame and postgame show, and while I have great respect for him, Mike Rice is more dialed in to the league right now and would be better choice. In regards to the radio, you don't even need an analyst on radio-many teams don't use one. Wheels solo is just fine.

Maybe he should call Serna: This proves once again that too many sports fans are just plain idiots.
The time it takes to write a letter could be spent doing some many things much more valuable-like kicking your own ass for thinking about writing a letter. I love big time college athletics, and it is big business, and these guys should be criticized-by booing, calling a talk show, or complaining to your fellow alums-but don't make it personal.

Finally.... this is what makes our country great, idiots like this:
I wonder if this atheist is against using the money in his wallet because USA currency also mentions "God."

Tuesday Highlights:
Thanks to Matt Moore for coming on yesterday. Some highlights:
*He is a better interview than D.A. was. But..... D.A. led his team to a bowl game three straight years. Right now, advantage D.A.
*Shockingly he strongly disagreed with me that the Beavs are a one man (Hass) offense.
*Also shockingly, he praised the Beavs running game. Politically correct-yes, but check the numbers.
*The athleticism of the Louisville defense jumps out when they watch the Cards on tape.
*Mike Riley has stressed the importance of not falling behind against this team like they did against Boise. In other words, the Beavs know down 14-0 in Louisville will be an automatic loss.

Trouble for the FB program at OSU brewing again?......if you missed it yesterday, Todd Simmons from the OSU Communications/News Office came on during the Top 5 at Five and confirmed that the young man who died in an Oregon State dorm room on September 3rd was friends with and was hanging out with at least one Oregon State Football player. He couldn't confirm that the player involved was being investigated for a role in the man's death. But there are a lot of rumors flying around....stay tuned.

As always, comments welcome below.
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At 8:03 PM, Anonymous Marteth said...


Regarding the Canzano column...

"PSU is what it is, a minor league athletic program at a commuter school in a big city where people have a passion for the Pac-10."

Hypothetical question.

Throw PSU in the WAC at D1A level. I don't know, boot Idaho, San Jose State or LA Tech. Whatever.

What do you think the situation in Oregon would be? Three D1A schools in the state of Oregon. There already seems to be some pretty good pre-conference games between UO/OSU and the WAC. Some pre-conference in-state rivalry would be nice for the local sports fan.

- Marteth

At 10:11 PM, Anonymous Alex C. said...

I agree that PSU doesn't get enough exposure, but "Dream" Weaver making that comment while his race is going under is a hoot. I am a little skeptical about the Penguins coming here. I am still not convinced Portland would fully support an NHL team. More power to 'em if they want to try it out though. I'm not a big hockey fan, but I'd probably go to a few games.

At 10:18 AM, Blogger Michael Namba said...

I would support the NHL coming here only in that it could maybe show the MLB that we are not just a one-horse town, and that we could support three major league sport franchises. Although I have never been to a hockey game, I would go to see the best in the world.

At 10:22 AM, Blogger Rusty said...

I'd guess the NHL would have a better shot at success here than the MLB, just because during the winter, with the rain and the cold weather, there's not much else to do at night other than a Blazer game; and, there's already an existing venue.

MLB, I'm still convinced, is an uphill battle, both because of the multitude of things to do here during the summer (combined with our pent-up stir-craziness) and the need to build a place to put a team.

At 4:50 PM, Blogger Christiana said...


We can hope that the NHL is coming to PDX. I'm going to believe it when I'm sitting in the Rose Garden next to Suke....

Keep up the good work.


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