Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Primetime Wednesday September 28th, 3-6 PM

In celebration of the Wizards not matching Steve Blake's contract offer, we will be giving away a HAMMER prize on Friday. One listener will win a $500 gift certificate to Best Buy courtesy of Comcast Cable. The winner can use that gift certificate as they like on electronics, games, videos, dvds, cds or you can even buy your wife a dishwasher or washing machine. We will do something called a "TSL contest" which is radio code for: the winner will be someone who listens to our show for more than just a segment or is a hint-remember who our guests are this week.
And if you feel confident in your ability to win, start your shopping spree now.

Today's Guests:
OSU DT Alvin Smith at 3:25
Seattle P-I Pac-10 Writer Ted Miller at 4:05
WSU Linebacker and just all-around bad ass Will Derting at 5:25

Also, back by popular demand, we will play a little "What Bugs You Wednesday" at 4:25 today.

Two Really Bad Ideas in Sports
1) NFL Regular season game in Mexico-there are still 20,00 tickets left for the Cards-49ers this weekend. If you are going to play a game outside the USA, do it in Canada where at least the economy and median income could support an event like this, much less the fact the NFL is almost as big North of the border as it is here. You play that game in Vancouver or Toronto and it would have sold out long ago.

2) Tuesday night college football. I may be buying into Suke's theory that football games during the week are bad. I liked the option of college football on Monday, but not Tuesday, not Wednesday, and really, not even Friday. The Friday game, if you remember, had a lot of controversy around it when ESPN came up with the idea a couple of years ago. With the popularity of high school football around the country, many didn't like the competition between the high school and college games.

NBA or MLB Conspiracy Theory
For all of you who think the NBA had a "conspiracy" over the years where Jordan and the Bulls, the Lakers, or any other big market team was getting some preferential treatment from the league, rest assured there are those in other sports who think the same thing. MLB's web site had a shirt available that celebrated the 2005 AL East Champion New York Yankees. The only problem is they HAVEN'T won the title yet.


At 3:01 PM, Anonymous Marteth said...

Weekday college games. I'm not sold, as I think that they belong on Saturday, other than during bowl season.

I'm curious on the view from a college coach and an athletic director. Since you're pretty much the only game on that day, does the exposure outweigh the limited time to prepare for the game? I'm sure that it's a coache's nightmare and an athletic director's wet dream...


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