Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Primetime Tuesday September 6th, 2005 3-6 PM

First, thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Sports continue to be a great way for us to root for something positive, smile, cheer, and get away from the reality of one of the worst disasters in our nation's history. Don't let anyone tell you it isn't right to still enjoy life through the excitement of sports because of what happened on the Gulf Coast. To the contrary, most teams and schools have stepped up and done their best to help the cause with monetary, food, and clothes collections. So with all of that in mind.......

This is our "back to school" edition of Primetime today as school is underway for all the young ones in Oregon and SW Washington. School was also in session Saturday afternoon as Air Force showed Washington how to close out and win a game, Portland State's defensive line schooled Oregon State's offensive line, and TCU from the little Mountain West Conference was able to take Oklahoma to the wood shed in the weekend's biggest upset.

I spent my Saturday at Qwest Field with about 20,000 others and thought Washington was decent, Stanback may be a better than average QB before the year is out, but the fact that they lost by "Cougin' it" as they always like to say was hilarious! Maybe we should call it "Dawggy Style" instead of "Cougin' it" because that is what Air Force did, they gave it to the UW "Dawggy Style" right up the back end. Too bad Washington. I never thought I would see Washington Football hit the low it has-and not just on the field but the fact that there were less than 30,000 people in the stands is a joke-and don't go on about Labor Day. That is a cop out and an excuse for the real issue-apathy for a program who has too many fans who aren't real alums or have a true passion-they are close to a professional team in the sense that many fans only have a geographic loyalty, not a close bond that comes from an alma matter. But they will be better, sooner than later, so we better enjoy their pathetic nature while we can.

Oregon, Oregon State and WSU are 1-0-How do you feel about your team now? After the weekend games, I was speaking to some peers in the sports media business, and the following question was asked-How do you feel about your Pac-10 picks after just one week? The answer is, pretty good. I still think Oregon can be real, real good. They didn't look like they played very well yet they still had over 500 yards of offense, something they did just ONCE all last year. The Ducks weren't perfect, the defensive secondary got lit up, but overall, they did what they needed, turned it up when they had to, and looked like an upper echelon Pac-10 team. WSU, almost exactly the same as Oregon but they better improve against Nevada. OSU-still can't run the football. Zero push, they have two weapons offensively: 1) Mike Hass (a pretty good one to have) and 2) the screen pass which will get snuffed out when you play a team with decent linebackers like Korey Hall from Boise State this week. I was in the minority when I thought Cal was middle of the "Pac" but that looks like it could be true. Washington may be a little better than expected, Arizona is still poorly coached in-game and Stoops will lose games for his team more than just last Friday. UCLA and ASU were the most impressive teams not named USC, and the Trojans are still a decent team.


At 6:34 PM, Anonymous Alex C. said...

The Ducks will be second in the Pac-10. I'm very excited about the offense and though the defense was torched a little, I think they'll be okay. And you're definitely over-estimating how good the Cougs are.

At 6:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont disagree with most of your thoughts except about the Ducks.They did not move the ball or stop Houston until the cougs started tiring and cramping and their lack of depth showed up. The cougars are just this side of D1-aa.I need to see them against A real D-1 school before I am convinced.


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