Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Primetime Tuesday September 13th, 3-6 PM

Today's Show Guests inlcude: OSU QB Matt Moore at 5:25. Jets OL Scott Gragg at 4:25. Abe Madkour from www.sportsbusinessjournal at 3:25. Mixed martial arts bad ass turned promoter Matt Lindland (www.sportfight.tv) will also be on to discuss getting dissed by the UFC and his card at the Rose Garden on Friday.

New Pac-10 Football feature at 4:05.... see below.

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's entry, the blank one, as much as I did writing it. Nothing like the beauty of two hours of work destroyed by the computer gods.

There were some good things there, trust me.

Things like a recap of the weekend Pac-10 games, much of which I got on the show yesterday, including my theory that OSU is a one-dimensional football team. Not one dimensional in the fact that they either run or pass, one dimensional in the fact they have ONE offensive playmaker: Mike Hass. Now that one guy is really, really good. 20 receptions in the first two games is impressive. But they are still dead last in running the football, and the other wideouts haven't caught as many passes as Hass has-combined!. I will test that theory on the guy throwing the passes today. Matt Moore joins us at 5:25.
The Beavers are practicing at 9 AM this week, just to get used to being on the football field that early. Interesting theory since my betting guru Big Suke tells me the best bet in the NFL is a West Coast team playing an early game back East. The East Coast team wins more than 80% of the time. Mike Riley is trying to even the odds in practice.

New Feature Today: Pac-10 Notebook at 4:05. Tune in for our Pac-10 segment and hear from all the Pac-10 coaches. A don't miss is Ty "Dr. Phil" Willingham's inspirational message of the day.

Blazers? Who are they you ask? Suke and I were wondering the same thing. I can't remember in my previous three years here, a time in which there has been less talk, less hype, or less general interest in the team through the summer and fall. Here is the last thing of note they did:
HIP HOP team? You have to be kidding me. Why? When I first got here I thought, having been to numerous other NBA venues, the Blazers were in the upper echelon of the league in terms of their game night experience. I don't think that is the case anymore. The "Todd Squad" is hard enough to handle when the games are good-but now a Hip Hop group to enhance the game night experience when the team is getting hammered?

Comments welcome.

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At 3:35 PM, Anonymous Marteth said...

Ian, I'm not sure what exactly a hip-hop team is, or what their responsibility is for that matter. But I do know this. That blonde in the link that you provided is hot.


At 7:28 PM, Anonymous Alex C. said...

Agreed, that chick is very hot. The hip hop team idea.....not hot. I'm still somewhat excited about the upcoming Blazers season though. As for the Beavers, Hass is VERY good and I think he will end up being a good possession receiver in the NFL, but I don't think the Beavers can carry all their hopes on his little four and a half foot frame much longer. Okay, I'll give him five and a half feet, but the Beavers will have to find someone else to contribute to the offense or they're in trouble. No matter what happens though, they will not beat the Ducks.

At 12:19 PM, Blogger Patman said...

Hip Hop? Who cares. This team reminds me so much of the Angels when Gene Autry sadly handed the reins over to his banker wife. They strip mined the team, and went with unproven kids all in the name of the "bottom line". My take back then was, "The best Triple A team in the majors".



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