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Pac-10 Coaches Call, Five Small Forwards, Steve Blake, Fan Girl Tina, and more....Tuesday September 20th

Once again, there isn't a radio show today due to the excitement that is Mariners Baseball.

We are back on the air Thursday with an early start at 2PM and Friday at 3PM after the Bald Face Truth with Oregonian Columnist John Canzano who is on 2-3 PM every Friday.

But....there are still a lot of things to discuss and debate including news from the Pac-10 Coaches weekly media conference call this morning, and some thoughts on the Blazers and the Steve Blake offer sheet.

But first.... for your viewing pleasure it is another Fan Girl picture of the day....Tina. For more pics, check out the new station web site www.1080thefan.com

There are some thoughts and opinions on the local NBA team below...... But today, lets start with College Football.

Pac-10 Coaches Media Call: As always, you will hear from all of the coaches during our
Pac-10 Preview Show Friday on 1080 The Fan along with our Pac-10 Notebook Thursday on The Fan. But here are some highlights to think about from today's conference call:

Quote of the day goes to Dirk Koetter: I asked him about his team being the most penalized school in the Pac-10, and he talked about what he terms "asinine" penalties such as a DB lining up offside or other "mental" errors. That comment was a breath of fresh air-a coach who left the world of cliches and "coachspeak" to talk from the heart. I like Koetter. He is open and honest and that is refreshing in college football today. Koetter also called this Sun Devil team, without question, "the best team I have had since coming here." Koetter also said Terry Richardson and Zach Miller should play on Saturday against OSU. The "asinine" comment, barring a late ruling by the FCC will be played on the shown Thursday.
Pete Carroll: The USC Head Coach had high praise for Oregon QB Kellen Clemens. Said Clemens and Gary Crowton's ability as an offensive coordinator will be the things his team needs to worry about most. Clemens' ability to make big plays and "improvise" is what worries him the most about the game on Saturday. Carroll downplayed the Autzen crowd. He said it wouldn't be much of a factor, and he didn't seem too worried about all of the injuries he has had on defense.
Mike Belotti: Most important thing he said was D-Long and Brian Paysinger WILL play on Saturday. The Freshman RB is "50/50," although his lack of toughness (my opinion not what The Mustache said) is becoming legendary.
*On a side note, why was it when Fresno State didn't have their stud DE on Saturday, it was the end of the world but the crack TBS crew never mentioned Long's absence. Last I checked, D-Long will probably leave as the all-time sacks leader in school history.
Mike Riley: Doesn't expect to make many changes defensively despite the ability of ASU to go deep. In other words, Lewis, Herod, Marshall and Lawson will be on Derek Hagan Island by themselves. He also said the team is still confident despite the blowout at Louisville and he talked about how in all of his years coaching he has never seen a game turn so quick.
Bill Doba: Even though he pulled Brink and had Josh Swogger in with the first team offense, Brink is still the guy. He expects Scott Davis to play against Oregon State. Most telling thing is he was asked "How good is your football team" and he said "I really don't know." My guess is we will find out on October 1st in Corvallis.

**Amazing stat of the week: Oregon State averages 32 points per game, and that is SEVENTH in the conference. Six teams average more than 40 ppg. Will it change? It should, but one thing to keep in mind, only one Pac-10 team (WSU against three horrible teams) is in the top 25 in total defense in the country.
**Amazing stat #2: Two starting quarterbacks in the conference have not thrown an interception yet this season, in three games. Clemens and Drew Olson.

Lets talk hoops........
Steve Blake is a Blazer, at least I think he is: We went to the Steve Blake media availability today and came away with more questions than answers. The questions include:
1) Why were John Nash and Nate McMillan NOT there? You would think if the team was going to the trouble of scheduling a media availability for a "new" player there would be a member of the basketball operations side there to answer some questions. Nate isn't in town, and Nash was "in a meeting" according to the P.R. staff.
2) Why would they offer a contract to a player NOW who would appear to be the third point guard? Why not wait until teams begin making cuts during training camp.
3) Can a team with five small forwards on the roster and one true power forward compete on a nightly basis?
4) Why would the GM of the team tell the Oregonian that a first round pick is a candidate for the D-League before training camp begins? Based on some of his play last year, maybe Telfair is the guy who should be heading to the D-League. But how can Jack "push Telfair" as he was sold to us after being drafted if he is playing in the minors?

Here is the current Blazer roster by position, assuming Blake ends up here and doesn't go the Trenton Hassel route with the Wizards matching his offer:

Total Players: 15
Active roster: 12
Maximum Inactive Players: 3 (side note-the NBA's CBA with the players association requires a roster of 12 plus at LEAST one and up to a maximum of three players on the "inactive" roster). With Blake, the Blazers' roster is set with the following:

Point Guard (3): Telfair, Jack, Blake
Shooting Guard (3): Dixon, Webster, Smith
Small Forward (5): Miles, Patterson, Khryapa, Outlaw, Monia
Power Forward (1): Randolph
Center (3): Przybilla, Ratliff, Seung-Jin

I know the Blazers will tell you that they have a number of players who can play backup power forward (Miles, Monia, Theo, etc.), but the bottom line is this is as unbalanced a roster as you could ever find. Just for fun, take a look at who may or may not be on the "active" roster.

Possible Opening Day Roster
PG: Telfair, Jack, Blake
SG: Dixon, Webster
SF: Miles, Patterson, Khryapa, Outlaw
PF: Randolph
Center: Pryzbilla, Ratliff

Inactive: Monia, Ha, Smith

Now here is where it gets real fun. How good will this team be? Keep in mind they lose their second, third, sixth and seventh leading scorers from last year's 27 win team. To be fair, the sixth and seventh leading scorers were addition by subtraction in the forms of DA and NVE. But the only notable addition who would be considered significant is Juan Dixon (8ppg but 16.5 ppg as a starter). You are counting on Zach coming back healthy, Telfair improving in his second year, Outlaw continuing his development, and Miles being consistent. If all of that happens, then maybe they can be competitive.

For more on this subject, check out my show producer Jason Peterson's thoughts in Peterson's Perspective on the station web site


Finally---Word at the Practice Facility today was Mike Rice WILL be the Blazers' television analyst.
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