Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Gone Golfing-Pac-10 Weekly Picks Below

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Here are my thoughts for the weekend:

WSU at Nevada: Cougs win, but too damn close for my mental well being. 31-24 final.
Cal at Washington: Everything here says go UW-Ty Willingham has NEVER lost as a coach to Cal (10-0 as an assistant and head coach), Cal's QB situation is a mess.....but Marshawn Lynch is pretty good, so is DeSean Jackson, and the Woof Woofs don't have those kind of playmakers. Cal wins going away 34-17.
OSU vs. BSU: tough call but OSU still can't run and BSU gets them again, 28-24.
Montana at Oregon: no way the Ducks overlook the 1-AA team after Indiana last year. They win easily 49-10.
Stanford at Navy: who cares? 24-10 Cardinal.
NAU vs. Arizona: the Stoops honeymoon is over, but he gets a break this week with the 1-AA team in town. 35-10 Cats.
ASU vs. LSU: now that this game is in Tempe, I feel even better about the upset. I love ASU this year, and will again this week-Devils 24-21.
Rice at UCLA: another horrible game, but Bruins win easily 49-7.

Mike Morse suspended for steroid use:
Not a black and white matter, there is a large amount of interpretation that needs to take place. This debate will go on for awhile
If they are performance-enhancing drugs, shouldn't the player involved be more of an impact player than Morse, and it sure has not helped his play in the outfield. Seriously, do fans really care? He is the third player in the M's organization who has been in the big leagues to be suspended (Franklin/Strong) this year. He also claims this positive test is a result of something he took in 2003 but still lingers in his system. But DO YOU CARE if baseball players are taking performance enhancing drugs? Jason Giambi will more than likely be the American League Comeback Player of the Year, but what is he coming back from? Problems that may have been associated with steroid use.

Love Him or Hate Him-He was good! Now he is gone: ESPN fires Trev Alberts.,1,2139822,print.story?coll=cs-college-print&ctrack=1&cset=true
Personally, he is a great example of how first impressions don't mean JACK! Jim Rome always says on his show that you won't like the program when you first listen, but you may like it in the end. I always thought that was some sort of ego-driven crap, but I think it is very true, especially in broadcasting (the problem is very few have the opportunity to let an audience "warm up" to them). Alberts was that guy though. I didn't really like him initially, but grew to see that he and the late night College Gameday crew was must-see. He spoke with passion about the sport, and unlike some on ESPN who only care about their own ego, he was all about the sport-at least I thought that was the case. But since he quit because he didn't like his role, there is some irony because he wasn't really different from many of the other talking heads-it WAS all about TREV after all.

Gragger Update: Friend of the show for the past three years, Silverton, Oregon native Scott Gragg is still waiting for a job in the NFL.... see this from the NY Daily News: WALKING FINE LINE: Free-agent OT Scott Gragg worked out yesterday for the Jets, but he wasn't signed. The Jets, in the market for a backup tackle now that Marko Cavka (broken forearm) is out at least eight weeks, may wait until next week to sign Gragg. There's a salary-cap reason for that. As a vested veteran, Gragg would be guaranteed his entire 2005 salary (minimum, $750,000) if he's on the opening-day roster. The Jets are leaving themselves perilously thin at tackle. The lone backup is Steve Morley (one career game), who was acquired last weekend in a trade with the Packers. Chances are, they would use backup G/C Jonathan Goodwin as the emergency tackle.... Update: Gragg signed, gets the big money, and will be on the show every week again this year.

NFL Betting Help- For those of you who like a little "juice" with your NFL games, here is something that could help you this weekend:
Here are the best and worst teams in NFL season openers, based on winning percentage. The Indianapolis Colts rank 21st at 30-30-1 (.500).
1. Jacksonville 7-3 (.700)
2. Dallas 30-14-1 (.682)
3. Houston 2-1 (.667)
4. Denver 29-15-1 (.659)
5. N.Y. Giants 40-28-4 (.588)
1. New Orleans 11-27 (.289)
2. Seattle 9-20 (.310)
3. Baltimore 3-6 (.333)
4. Arizona 27-43-1 (.386)
5. (tie) Buffalo 18-27 (.400), Carolina 4-6, Philadelphia 28-42-1.


At 6:15 PM, Blogger BuddyJay said...

Another incredible comment from "Big Suke", "Since I never heard of it, I don't believe it." Guess he is still going with his vote for George Bush as well.

Those of us in the thinking camp will continue to learn about new things ... especially that of which we haven't heard. Mike Morse is a too bad story, but I think baseball policy is that players should be called-out at the major league level even though already punished in the minors. I imagine more positive results will be from prior use, and then subsequent positive results for the same player will be handled with more fairness in mind.

At 6:29 PM, Anonymous Alex C. said...

It's really too bad about Mike Morse. I was really getting to like him, but now, while I haven't completely shunned him, I can't look at him the same way. The good numbers that he's put up since coming to the big show are tainted.

Also, Jacksonville is going to move down on that opening day list after the Seahawks put a whooping on 'em this Sunday.

At 10:25 PM, Blogger Michael Namba said...

The suspension of Mike Morse is totally bogus. The scientific evidence backs his assertion that this is something that has lingered in his body, and not something new. He was already suspended for it when he was with the White Sox, so suspending him again is damaging his reputation as a fan favorite in Seattle, the players association needs to stand up for its people instead of just taking it in the a$$ from MLB.

At 12:37 PM, Anonymous Marteth said...

Michael, I totally agree. This just shows what a sad state of affairs MLB is in. The little guy gets suspended for nothing, and Kenny Rogers gets his suspension lifted for assaulting someone. Oh, and that tie in the all star game a few years ago still makes me mad. ;-)


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