Monday, September 26, 2005

"Damn we are good" Edition of Primetime Monday September 26th, 3-6 PM

Before I explain the above headline, lets start the week with a pat on the back for Big Suke and me. Here is a recap of last week's Primetime Pac-10 Picks:

Ian 3-0 last week, 25-4 overall
Suke3-0 last week, 26-3 overall

Weekend Recap from Eugene:
The above title for the Blog isn't necessarily the title for Suke and me, although there are days it could describe the show (who am I? Chad Johnson?), but more a tribute to one of the most clever things I have seen in a long time.

At the end of the USC-Oregon game, the Oregon fans behind the USC bench were trading verbal shots with many of the Trojan players. Trojan Senior Defensive End Frostee Rucker, a sociology major, picked up a dry erase board (probably the same one used by Pete Carroll to make defensive adjustments to shut out the Ducks in the second half) and simply wrote:


Not only was it clever, funny, and there was NOTHING that the drunk Duck Fans could reply with, but most importantly Rucker was RIGHT!

Other observations from the game this weekend:

1) Reggie Bush HAS to be the best player in the country. He does it all and he intimidates the other team. One key play came when an Oregon punt took a Duck bounce and started bouncing and rolling deep into USC territory. Bush backed up, waved everyone off, then as two Oregon players came at him, he stepped forward, grabbed the ball, split the defenders and had a long return. He gained 12 yards without a shoe, and the touchdown in the third quarter when he went left, found nothing, then did a U turn and scored was spectacular. If nothing else, the Duck fans who were there on Saturday got a chance to watch one of the best college players EVER.

2) Sometimes you just get beat by a better team. Truth be told, everyone else in the Pac-10 is playing for second place. You get one shot at the title, and Oregon's came up short. ASU, Cal and UCLA are waiting for their shot.

3) Despite the above, the second half was disappointing. When both the players and the Head Coach say the team was "tired" in the second half, that is proof there is an issue. Also it is proof that you should never believe the preseason hype you always hear from EVERY school in the country that says "We had 100% turnout this summer, best ever and every guy is in far better shape than last year." It is also a criticism of the program that we have heard before-soft=out of shape.

OSU Recap
They too got beat by a better team, their running game is still non-existent (just over 70 of the career high 137 yards by Bernard) came after the outcome was decided in the 28 point third quarter.

Bad news for OSU is that the game Saturday is a MUST WIN and they won't. WSU will win for fun, going away (Go Cougs). Seriously, after this week you get Cal and UCLA. Bad times ahead for the Beavs.

Jason Quick wrote an interesting article on Zach Randolph's conditioning today. All of us who have seen him at the practice facility at times this summer agree, he is in great shape. But can the knee withstand the rigors of the season? Will it matter? So many questions as we are just over a week away from training camp starting.

"Here come the HAWKS!"
Congrats to Mike Williamson and the boys from Portland's hockey team. The W'Hawks are 2-0 with two straight road wins.
Willie will join us this week.


At 4:22 PM, Blogger Christiana said...


I also heard a Duck player comment that his team should have had more heart. What the heck was that about.

Keep up the good work.

At 9:01 AM, Blogger Turd Ferguson said...

Curious as to why you think OSU will lose. Or is that just homer talk? Its not like the Cougars are any good either.

At 2:54 PM, Anonymous Marteth said...

OSU will lose due to the fact that their defense stinks. Oh, and Ian is a WSU homer. ;-)

At 10:43 AM, Blogger Turd Ferguson said...

I'm just saying WSU hasn't proven anything. OSU beat Boise State at home, and Boise State is a better team than WSU.


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