Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tuesday August 23rd 2005

Thanks to Ropper for filling in today during the wind sprint show from 3-4. Just a couple of things for today.

GOOD OR BAD? WSU beats OSU, again!- I am not sure what to think of this, or if it really matters, or is even true, but I got a couple of e-mails from fellow WSU fans telling me the Cougs got their second verbal in a week from a Spokane-area kid. What makes this interesting is in both cases, REPORTEDLY, the kids were down to WSU and OSU. Is it good news when you beat the Beavs? Or is it troubling that your are battling OSU as opposed to Cal, ASU and Oregon for kids. I think the latter as opposed to the former. The rumor out of WSU is Brink has beaten out Swogger too. Unlike The Mustache in Eugene, Doba has told us on the show many times he is not a fan of a two quarterback system, so if you aren't the starter, it isn't a good thing.

Harris Poll- Some final thoughts on the poll. Upon further review, the new poll, which makes up one third of the BCS formula, looks pretty good. I personally know six of the voters, and mostly media, and all are stand up guys who know the game and will do a good job. There are some strange selections though-at the top of my list is Chicago Tribune NBA columnist Sam Smith. Not sure why the paper's NBA columnist is voting here, and maybe it isn't the same Sam Smith, but for the most part the people participating, at least on paper look good.

Bill Swancutt Update- Yesterday's guest, John Lund, passed this on from one of the Detroit newspapers today regarding Bill Swancutt who we talked about yesterday:
Swancutt knows it's close
Rookie defensive end Bill Swancutt, a sixth-round pick from Oregon State, just missed a quarterback sack and had another pressure play. But he knows his days might be numbered. He has to be impressive in order to make the team.
"I'm trying to do everything I can in practice, in games," Swancutt said. "I'm always concerned about making the team. My attitude is just to go all out and do whatever I can to make plays out there. I've got to make the best of every opportunity I can get."
If Swancutt is impressive enough the final two games, the Lions could start the season with nine defensive linemen. If not, they'll go with eight and keep a better special teams contributor from another position.

Not just the big guys: in the wake of the Thomas Herrion incident, check this out:
Cal wide receiver Noah Smith passed out during Sunday's practice and was taken to a hospital as a precaution.
Coach Jeff Tedford said preliminary indications were that Smith was fine and had fainted as a result of not eating properly during the day.
The Bears were doing non-contact drills when Smith, a redshirt sophomore, fell to the ground while running a pass route. He also twisted his neck slightly as he fell. There was no immediate word on the extent of that injury.
He was taken from the field in an ambulance.

Luckily Smith, who was #2 on the depth chart last time I checked, was ok. But as I mentioned on the show yesterday, Stringer/Herrion are gone-but what is also scary is the possibility that a smaller athlete who isn't 300 plus pounds will die on the playing field.


At 7:33 PM, Anonymous Alex C. said...

The Harris poll is a joke. No offense, Ian, to the people you know that vote in the poll, but I won't take the BCS seriously until they get some kind of playoff system. At least make a committee of college football experts and at the end of the season they will decide the eight BCS teams. Those eight teams will be in a playoff for the national championship. That would mean additional games for some teams, but just trim an unnecessary preseason game from the schedule and it all works out.

At 9:45 PM, Blogger Ian Furness said...

No offense taken. I would argue that the Harris isn't a joke, not compared to the old AP Poll where you had guys like Dan Patrick who doesn't follow college football yet voted each week had a say. This gets away from the beat writer only philosophy and gives votes to people who care about the game.
But you are right, we need some sort of playoff at the end of the bowl season at least. But it isn't going to happen soon, so this is what we have.


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