Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Primetime Tuesday August 9th 3-6 PM

Thanks to Isaac Ropp for filling in with Suke today. I am not sure if Big Shooter Program Director Dennis will be in or not, he is probably getting ready to fire someone. Some topics the boys will discuss today include.......

X Games- You know I am not in since this will be a topic, although it should be good conversation. I am told by the young guys that these games and the sports that are involved have really evolved into the mainstream. I still think it is a bunch of dope smoking, baggy jeans-wearing punks, but that is just because I am a 40 year old who is trying to cope with my son just getting his first skateboard last weekend. The interesting thing Ropper and Suke will discuss with Abe Madkour from Street and Smith's Sports Business Daily/Journal is the money these athletes are making from endorsements. I wonder if this is new money or just are some other athletes not getting the same endorsement dollars they used to.

Sports Business with Abe Madkour- Always an interesting discussion, today the merger between Adidas and Reebok. www.sportsbusinessdaily.com

Blazer Updates- At this time, no word on SAR and the Nets. New Jersey just spent most, if not all of their exception on Jeff McInnis, and now they are worried about SAR? He hasn't ever missed games due to his knee, and unlike J-MC he is a solid presence in the locker room. McInnis is the classic "locker room lawyer" who wore out his welcome in Portland and Cleveland.

Top Five at 5- The top sports stories of the day plus opinion and debate at 5:05 this afternoon.

Pac-10 Today- Grades are an issue with all college football teams. OSU has lost Marcel Love. Here what OSU receiver Josh Hawkins has to say about that situation.

Baseball- Ropper is in, so get ready for some baseball talk. He has a long day/night as Baseball Today follows the M's game with future hall of famer Felix Hernandez throwing tonight. (sarcasm listed above).


At 1:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know when you develop your shows for the day, but there might be a way that you could use a post on your blog for listener feedback on story selection. Perhaps an open chat each morning where the audience could log on and post topics they are interested in . . . Just a thought. --Jeromy


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