Thursday, August 18, 2005

Primetime Thursday August 18th 2005, 3-4 PM

In the proud tradition of my former co-host, it is a "short one" today---one hour show due to the excitement of Mariners' baseball at four. I am flying solo since Suke is still recovering from his flashbacks after watching two football practices in the last 48 hours.... here is what we will be discussing today:

Randy Moss Smokes Dope- Although many are treating this as breaking news, keep in mind this guy lost scholarships at Notre Dame and Florida State (the latter being nearly impossible to do) due to his marijuana use (and battery charges). The interesting thing is that he hasn't been caught. He obviously never shared his secret to success in beating the NFL drug testing with former teammate Onterrio Smith. Really, I don't care what Randy Moss, or T.O., do in their spare time. Yes I have been critical of the Blazers dope smokers from years gone by, but the difference is the Blazers are a reflection of this community, brought a bad name here, and it was a focal point for the entire country. Moss has always been a sketchy character, so why are his revelations today any different?

Speaking of smoking dope..... welcome the Dew Action Sports Series to Portland. COOL! Grab your bongs and head on down to the Rose Quarter. Give the building and the promoters credit-they have done a good job of promoting this. There have been a lot of live shots on local television, radio and newspaper advertising, etc. But I still don't get how this is bringing big dollars into the city. Watching a bunch of baggy jeans-wearing kids ride their bikes on the dirt doesn't dew it for me--unless I want to go Randy Moss and chemically enhance myself prior to the event.

Choices-or you could go watch the LPGA: I wonder what people are more likely to attend, the dope smoking conference at the Rose Quarter, or the Natalie Gulbis watch at Columbia Edgewater. I will be at the country club, mostly because we HAVE to be there tomorrow at noon. But given the choice, I would still be more likely to take the family, especially my daughter, to the golf course to watch the ladies who are becoming more and more popular. Their television ratings are up, the name recognition is better, and the competition is outstanding. Plus, I like watching something I can't do and I can ride a bike, but I can't make multiple birdies and shoot under par. And Gulbis, Kerr, and other of AGE are nice to look at-better than baggy jeans with boxer shorts hanging out.


Good Business for the Blazers- The Blazers deal with Wells Fargo bank is a big deal, both financially and also because it shows how the local business community is buying into the franchise. First, the dollars involved MORE than replace the loss of Bank of America, the former exclusive bank partner for the team. And again, contrary to what some have said or what you want to believe, BOA leaving wasn't because of the Blazers, it was a nationwide move by the company to focus on baseball, from little league to MLB. But the Blazers get a better deal for the team where more money will go directly to the basketball club, where in the past the dollars were split with the building. This is one way the lack of the Rose Garden has actually HELPED the franchise. There were other banks interested in becoming involved with the Blazers too, which is a good sign since the corporate dollars are the most important thing for a professional sports franchise.


At 3:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot the Portland Beavers in your mention of minor league stuff in town. Also, I work for a large nationwide company that did not renew their suite at the Rose Garden, and it had nothing to do with the Blazers. They just decided to spend their marketing dollars in other areas, and they let suites expire all over the country, not just here.

At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Alex C. said...

I agree that Randy Moss smoking dope is definitely not a big story. If I had to choose between this week's events, I would probably choose the golf. Good golf impresses me more than good action sports, doesn't matter if men or women are doing it. And I'm very happy the Blazers got the big sponsorship. I've never given up on them even through the really bad times, and I'm glad the community is finally showing that they haven't given up either.

At 4:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Suke actually needed to recover from the college football trip. I do more in a day than he did in 2 days.

I would also take a child to the golf because it shows what can be done with hard work.

At 8:26 PM, Anonymous Jeffe said...

Taking a kid to see Golf? In 90 degree plus? I'm thinking that there is more going on with the action sports, so I am taking the 5 year old to the Rose Quarter.
I think that the drug jokes we all like to make when talking about skateboarding are a product of our youth... I'm more concerned about swearing than anything...

At 10:16 AM, Blogger Ian Furness said...

This is why I did this blog... good comments, from people who have valid opinions and don't hide behind fake e-mail addresses. Thanks for the comments and feedback, and tell a friend about the show and the blog!


At 1:09 PM, Blogger BuddyJay said...

I thought Ian might be a little embarrassed after the ignorant rant on x gamers. The fact is a lot of them are passing 30 years old at this point, a lot of them have families. I may be a bit older, but I have been watching vert bikes since the inception. My 6 year old would love an event like that.

But wait, minor league? Just checked out NBC today, there was Portland, Oregon right on the skate vert ramp! That's not Spike or the WB for that matter, but NBC.

I think Ian's comments were meant more for entertainment than for accuracy. The sad fact is that when I checked out the NBC coverage the seats were not all full, maybe better attitudes would have given the city a better image ON NATIONAL TELEVISION.

At 1:41 PM, Blogger BuddyJay said...

Major/Minor league city isn't about attitude or conjecture. It's about demographics. Portland isn't there yet, but the metro area is close. Why have baseball come if it will be a failure in the beginning? I can wait the 4-8 years for the possiblity of sustainable success.
Reverse traffic is showing that more and more people are packing the downtown area, and more and more housing is being built for apartments and condos. In a few years Portland will have the infrastucture and desity to sustain major league events. But don't forget about the hotel capacity, that's the real issue for larger events .. Portland just doesn't have it.

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