Monday, August 08, 2005

Primetime Monday August 8th 3-6 PM

Since we didn't have a show Friday we have a lot of topics to tackle today. Here is what we hope to talk about this afternoon:

Pac-10 Football practice is underway: Shocking development.... OSU players are unhappy about being picked 7th by the media, but "it really doesn't matter" says Mike Riley and his players, yet most guys also said yesterday during the media day that they will use that lack of respect for motivation. Bottom line is you lose the Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year, a three year record-setting starter at quarterback, your center, and three fourths of your secondary and you think you should be rated higher? See the reasons for my pick at 8th below, but if they end up higher than 7th or 8th, and get to a bowl game, Riley deserves an immediate extension.
Oregon is very optimistic, and should be. They can outscore almost anyone, and their offensive skill players are scary. Suke and I will share our thoughts on the Ducks, THE Freshman RB, and the Beavers, plus you will here from Mike Riley, Mike Belotti, and others this afternoon.

Bad News for Oregon/SW Washington NFL Fans- Drew Mahalic and the Oregon Sports Authority got what they wanted. The House and Senate passed House Bill 3466 (
which bans sports lottery games in Oregon. They HOPE this means that sometime in 2009 or 2010 the NCAA will award men's and/or women's basketball tournament games to be played in the state. Why do I get the feeling that we are at LEAST five years away from seeing a men's March Madness game here, and we will be LUCKY enough for the women to be here first? The answer is simple: this is short-sighted move by the legislature that is allowing the Oregon Sports Authority to pound their chests and justify their existence. Why not fight the "other" battle and say if we can have Big Sky and WCC basketball tourneys here, and Regional and SuperRegional NCAA Baseball tourneys here, why the hypocrisy with the basketball tourneys. My question is this: Will The Oregon Sports Authority and NCAA go door to door and business to business to make sure nobody in this state is conducting a March Madness pool-and without those pools, how much would we really care about the first two rounds of the tourney? It is all about the juice (i.e. the betting) and how does the ability to wager on NFL games in any way affect the NCAA? Oh yeah, how come we hosted the 2000 Women's West Regional?

The NCAA does it again: The reigning kings of sports hypocrisy, the NCAA, decided to restrict the use of American Indian mascots and imagery during postseason tournaments. Interesting stuff comes from what the NCAA decides is "hostile or abusive" and what isn't. For example, Florida State has the endorsement of the Seminole nation to use the name, yet the NCAA decided that FSU can't use the nickname or have a mascot present at postseason tournaments. But..... the name Braves can be used by North Carolina-Pembroke because that school has "historically admitted a high percentage" of Native Americans.

Blazers 2005-06 Schedule is out: Two road games, Minnesota and Denver, then five straight at home, followed by a seven game road trip. Maybe it doesn't matter since the postseason is a longshot, but that is a tough, tough go early on.

Canzano Show Finalist #1: We will reveal the first finalist for the "name the show" contest with Oregonian Columnist John Canzano this afternoon. When??? Tune in to find out.


At 4:28 PM, Anonymous jeffe said...

I've enjoyed Sports Action since it's inception, but I think it's run it's course. There are enough gambling options out there, and I didn't like the limitations that Sports Action imposed. I'm a web nerd and will probably do better online. And I will take my kid to see the fantastic opening rounds of the NCAA tourney (men's) when he turns 14 or so (he's 5 now)

At 4:34 PM, Blogger Jason's Patience said...

Just found your blog through canzano's blog. It's a great blog and i agree about your website.

At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but a significant portion of Sports Action money went to our state's school system. That goes away and what they do is now allow an event so that the Rose Quarter or some other private business can profit. How will the education dollars be replaced? With other lottery games? --Jeromy


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