Monday, August 22, 2005

Primetime Monday August 22nd 2005, 3-7 PM

Hopefully a good weekend by all. Some say it isn't truly a blog unless there are entries everyday. I am not sure who made those "rules" up, but they blow. There will be times when this blog will be updated on weekends, namely during college football, but for now, this will continue to be a tool to help throw out topics for discussion during our afternoon drive show on 1080 The Fan. So with those "rules" being the case, here we go:

The AP Poll- My question here is for YOU the sports fan today. These college football polls, while they have been around forever, more and more are under attack by many in the media. Despite the obvious hypocrisy of those "above it all" media members, do YOU, the COLLEGE FOOTBALL FAN, like the polls? My thought has always been they are relatively harmless, generate great discussion and debate, and without a college football playoff, they are what they are: a tool to help determine who will play in the national title game. Now this year, the AP Poll is "above it all" and opted out of the BCS. Boy, that showed the powers to be. It almost got the system one step closer to a playoff. No, actually it didn't do ANYTHING to change the system, but at least the poll has taken a stand! College football, with an incredibly short 11 game season, and just three non-conference games, needs something to hype it up. The AP Poll, the Coaches Poll, conference media polls, Athlons and others all generate discussion, hype and debate-all good things in sports. That is why we read columns, why we listen to sports radio, why we (not me YOU) go on message boards-to debate and discuss sports. Without the polls, would Texas vs. Ohio State be as anticipated outside Columbus and Austin? There would be excitement, but not nearly as much as saying #2 Texas vs. #5 Ohio State! But really these polls are about the fans, so WHAT DO YOU THINK?

See You Snapper- See Jason Quick's story in the Oregonian today Steve Jones is out as the Blazers television analyst. Good. I guess I am in the minority here, but I never heard him say anything outlandish or even remotely offensive regarding the team. But more importantly the second guy in the analyst chair should give you something that you, or me, the fan, didn't see or know already. Mike Rice does and did when he worked television. Jones didn't. In fact Jones, the master of the obvious, usually threw out some gems like "The Blazers need to score here" when the team was down late in a game. Thanks tips! Not since the days of Ron Fairly (who has given sports fans the gift of the following great line when the other team scores early "Well you have to score at least one run to win a game, now you must score two") have we had a more overrated and over-hyped broadcaster. I hope Rice gets the gig. Mike Barrett is solid, a real pro, and he and Blazer fans deserve better than Snapper. Rice is the guy.

Big Sports Weekend- Close to 50,000 total were at two big events yesterday. The LPGA and the X Games JV Tour/Dew Games each had nice crowds over the weekend. Is this a good sign for Portland as a sports city? Or is it proof positive that we are a fringe sports city that will support women's sports and the Stoner Games but the jury is still out on the passion for mainstream sports.

Herrion Death- we will discuss this tragedy a little today. I remember when he was the prize recruit of Ron McBrides' class at Utah, the big offensive lineman from Texas. Sad story. The scary thing is there could be more Thomas Herrion's coming with these guys getting bigger and bigger every year.

Comments welcome and tune in today from 3-7 PM.
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At 12:20 PM, Blogger shimposter said...

I think Snapper leaving is a good move for all involved. He was a respectable figure for the Blazers, but the organization is trying to create a new image, and Snapper was one of the last remaining links from the Rip City glory days. The thing I'll remember most about Snapper will always be his generic "Keys to the Game", which were three blatantly obvious recommendations for the Blazers to succeed. Example, against the Lakers of the past: 1. Contain Shaq. 2. Rebound. 3. Hustle. Brilliant. All that was missing was... 4. Score more than opponent. I agree that Rice would be a good fit, but for how long? Maybe a younger, intelligent ex-player (a la Steve Kerr, Sean Elliott-type) could be a better solution in the long run. Great show guys...

At 12:28 PM, Blogger BuddyJay said...

Love the blog ... nice to give an opinion without concern over the dump button.

Why can't the polls get straightened out? Now they have some allstar poll of ex players and coaches. Regional bias will always exist, at least national writers have to pay attention to all the leagues.

Ian, was it a "Big Weekend" or another example of second tier sports in Portland?

Everybody should read two days previous posts on the Dew series.

At 2:02 PM, Anonymous Alex C. said...

Although I think a playoff system is better to determine which team is really the national champion, the polls do generate a lot of debate and without them many people around the country wouldn't know about other schools from outside their general area that have good teams.

Also, I'm glad the Snapper is gone. He was very overrated. And although I like Mike Rice, I think he has great chemistry with Brian Wheeler on the radio and would rather someone else took over the TV job.

Finally, while many people did attend the events this weekend, it doesn't really prove to me that we are a big sports city. I would love to have a major sport like baseball here, but right now I don't think we could support it.

At 3:36 PM, Anonymous Marteth said...

I agree that it's a good move to get Jones off of the TV broadcast. Ole' Captain Obvious has really worn out his welcome in my eyes over the past few years. What's everyone's take on his Courtside show staying? I haven't listened in a few years since Jones really gets on my nerves. The ratings must be pretty good if they're keeping it around.

At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Comments on the AP Poll - For the most part I think the Polls add interest to college football. With the number of Division I teams out there, its not like they can all play each other to see who is the best. The one downside is that some teams are put in the top 20 in pre-season and have to lose 4 games before they finally get bumped out of the top 20. I also believe there is an east coast bias that keeps teams like Boise State out of the early polls. I say start the polls in week 5 so reporters can actual see the teams on the field.

At 3:34 PM, Anonymous Jeffe said...

I went to the Stoner Games, which was a great event... many families, lots to do, only caught one weed whiff (and that was on the way out, away from the event).
As for Portland as a sports city... I think we are a great single-event or weekend sports venue... Dew Action Sports, golf (we'll see how the senior golf does this weekend), USA Soccer (or other Soccer event)... and we do clog the roads to UO/OSU football. I think we would do well as a NCAA Tourney venue. But as for the major sports, I think we are like most cities... we will support them if they are winning and competitive. If they tank, we will find something else to do.


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