Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Primetime August 10th 2005 3-6 PM

Thanks to Ropper for filling in yesterday. One of the true treasures in our area is the Oregon Coast and I was again reminded of that yesterday when I joined my family out there. But as close as it is, I literally just got back so I just have some quick hits today in terms of our topics.

Today we are at Heron Lakes for the Amstel Light Skills Challenge-Bring the sticks and stop by.....

KNBR Host Fired- The San Francisco Giants flagship radio station fired the host of their Giants coverage due to his now infamous comments. As I stated Monday on the show, the "Caribbean" comments are brutal and there should be punished. But the concern I have is the dangerous moves we make when we take comments out of context or try to make them more than they are. In other words the "cream of wheat" comments. Should the host have been fired? My answer is yes, but only for the reason that hasn't been brought up-the team pays the freight. If they deem something you say to be inappropriate, it is their call. The "Caribbean" comment should have resulted in a suspension, which it did, and the station manager originally came out and said the host would not be fired. In other words, those words weren't enough to get him fired. But the pressure from the money-maker/client (Giants) was enough a few days later. Listen to a Blazer pregame or postgame show and see if you ever hear TRUE criticism of the team's management decisions. You won't because those guys like getting a paycheck the 1st and 15th.

Speaking of inappropriate.....- Check out this link.
Why is it that it isn't ok to say "Cream of wheat brain" but making fun of the QB in Detroit, and questioning his sexual preferences, is?

Oregon Defense- dominates during scrimmage. Aaron Gipson is our guest on Pac-10 Today.

PGA Championship- Bob Casper from joins us live from New Jersey with a preview.

What Bugs You Wednesday- weekly segment with your chance to win great prizes.


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